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(P)rehab for performance

Bulletproof your body by strenghtening all ranges of your joints

What is (P)rehab for Performance?

This is a method of movement to prepare your body for everyday life. Be consistent with your approach and create changes in your body which can be easily achieved. Being consistent will help to maintain your optimal body. 

You should be able to perform at your best everyday! Whether you are an Office Worker, Gym enthusiast, Crossfitter, Footballer, Gymnast and even a complete Beginner to exercise.

You can start with the basics and build a solid foundation before moving on to more demanding Movements.

It is one thing being flexible, and it is another being strong, but have you ever thought about having both?

I have spent the last few years researching and testing different methods to help not only myself but my clients move more efficiently.

Building strength in your end ranges prepares your body for the requirements of everyday life.

so what is the secret to this?  CONSISTENCY 

Follow the Process. Understand the WHY? and then the HOW?

ABout Handsdan

I am originally from Dublin, Ireland but home is now on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

I am super passionate about educating people on how to train efficiently and effectively.

Handstands have changed my life for the better. It has seen me build a body that has me moving better now in my thirties than I did in my twenties.

Background: Competitive Gaelic Football & Hurling / Coaching Youth & Adults for the past 17 years

Qualifications: Dip. Sports & Recreational Management, Level 4 Personal Trainer, Mobility Specialist (FRCMs),



“I have yet to meet a more passionate, dynamic and thorough gymnastic coach than Danny O’Sullivan. His non-traditional background has meant that he coaches his students in a way that not only follows the fundamentals of the Gymnastic series and training, but also incorporates other gymnastic and hand balancing knowledge he has accumulated over the years. For me, Danny has taken my training to another level. From not being able to do a free standing handstand when I first started training with him, to now being able to hold a free standing handstand through multiple entrances. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone keen to take their handstands and gymnastic training to the next level! “


– Shane

“I’ve been searching for an outstanding personal trainer to help me with lingering back issues and to help take my surfing to the next level, and am so happy that I’ve crossed paths with Danny O’Sullivan. His years of experience and approach to constantly learning new techniques to get bodies moving and performing optimally, meant that he could create an ever evolving program that honed in on what my pain points were, and made me realize all the excuses for being non-mobile I had in the past. Thanks to Danny, I am now a firm believer in pre-hab training, and being able to mix in fun and addictive gymnastic elements, like hand stands and rings, that makes me look forward to every weeks adaptive training program. In addition I’ve learned so much about my own body, how crucial muscle stability and joint mobility are, and have been able to apply it to my 9-5 job as well as improve my surfing. I highly recommend Danny O’Sullivan to anyone of any age that wants to improve their life through enhanced mobility and take an active approach to being pain free!”


– Joel