The '5 Must Have Mobility Exercises' everyone should have in their training!

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As a child we were guided by our parents.
 In school we had a teacher educate us.
In sports we had coaches, and everyone in business has greatly benefited by having a mentor.
Find a coach that understands what your body needs, and what you need to do to get there.
You want to pick someone relatable, someone who has done the hard yards, made the mistakes,

Danyl O'Sullivan

At the age of 16 I began to coach sports teams, 20 years on I now dedicate my life to helping adults begin their journey to building a body that LOOKS, FEELS, & MOVES in ways they have always dreamed!

Over 14 years as a qualified personal trainer. I can guarantee to help improve your flexibility, strength and overall movement patterns. This will help to get you out of chronic pain and into a consistent exercise routine for long term longevity.
More about me
  • .."After years of giving up on gyms and PT's because of ongoing pain and mobility issues. With Stage 3 bilateral hip osteoarthritis and a condition known as cervical dystonia, I had given up on ever being able to move or train with confidence again. 

    Danny was able to guide me through a training schedule that kept me moving and getting stronger, without causing my body to grind to a painful halt"..
    Veronika S,
    Sydney, Australia
  • “Danny helped me get back into running after having a bulged disc for a long time. He taught me how to use mobility exercises as foundation for my training.

    Best Coach I have ever worked with.”
    Mikael J,
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  •  "Because of him, I overcame my fears post serious injuries.

     I’m stronger, more mobile and I finally achieved my handstand goals."
    Kylie, J
    Sydney, Australia
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Tom Trbojevic
Professional Rugby League Player
Manly Sea Eagles 

"Danny's not only made me feel more flexible, he's given me a lot of confidence within my body"...

"It's not just the flexibility training, it's the strength through range that you can build up"...

.."It's made me feel a lot better playing footie and Ive been recovering a lot better as well."
Image Source:
Ofa Fainga'anuku
Former Professional Rugby Player

“After finishing my career being a Professional rugby player overseas, My goal was to ‘win back my joints!’ from the impact of a contact sport, all the injuries sustained from all the unnatural postures rugby puts you into.

I found Danny, and learnt more about my body than I had training and rehabbing in a professional environment full time."

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