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We don't brush our teeth everyday to one day not have to brush our teeth... In order to have a healthy functional body, we need to move our joints through their available ranges of motion EVERYDAY

Stretching is a skill, and if we have never done it before, then we need to be taught how to approach it.

in these mobility workshops, we specifically address not only how to stretch, but what would you should be feeling in a stretch, how to overcome your stretch reflex to improve your range of motion, and how to prioritise and choose the most efficient exercises for you!

Prehab for Performance is a methodology on how we should prepare ourself for our everyday activities.

This will differ from person to person, so whether you are a seasoned athlete, a desk worker, or someone wanting to just be able to play with your kids without fear of injury then this is the course for YOU.

If we strengthen our body to do what it is designed to do, then we create a body capable for the demands we put on it.
mobility workshops
FAIL to prepare, prepare to FAIL
Learn how to begin mobility training
Understanding the importance of a balanced training schedule (strength, mobility, flexibility)
Understanding body tension, how it can help and/or hinder our mobility
How to train our central nervous system (CNS)
How to override our apprehensive reflexes for deeper stretch
The importance of strengthening your ligaments, joints and tissues
How to increase range of motion in your joints
Building strength at your end ranges
Learning how to program your own workouts 


I have dedicated the last 7 years to handbalancing, starting in my 30's as a complete beginner!!

Using these experiences I have created a BEGINNER FRIENDLY program to help you on the quickest and safest route to achieving a handstand.

These methods have been used for the past 5 years on 100's of different people, from office workers, fitness enthusiasts, to complete beginners.

I have helped people in their 30's, 40's and 50's go from being afraid to kick up against a wall, to now holding 10-30+ seconds freestanding handstands.

Handstands changed my life for the better and I want to show you how working towards a skill can change yours too.

I am super passionate about educating people on how to train efficiently and effectively.
Handstand workshops
Learn the basics to achieve a handstand
Understanding tension in your handstand
Conditioning your handstand
Refine technique and alignment
Breathing in a handstand
Learning the art of re-balancing 
How to save your handstand
How to go from 10s - 60s in a freestanding handstand
Leg transitions in a handstand
Intro to one arm handstand (*if ready)


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What some past hosts have said

Handstand works
"Your expertise in leading a room full of individuals with mixed experience and abilities is simply fantastic. 

All good coaches can get across principles and methods easily, but the best one's have a person-centred approach, an ability to connect and fill a void based on that persons need.
You've done that and more for our members and coaches with the mobility workshops you've taught here.

I hope everyone gets to experience your teaching style which strongly aligns with what we believe is important. ❤"
Dublin, Ireland
mobility works
"Danny's expertise and knowledge about handstands is absolutely amazing .
From showing me my first handstand, to travelling to Ireland to teach our clients his best techniques and tips for handstands .

The I.C.A members were thrilled at the time and effort put in by Danny to help them with their handstand training

We would highly recommend Danny here at The I.C.A"
Dublin, Ireland
Handstand workshops
"Thank you so much for coming and we have had really positive feedback.

My niece was there so I was able to ask her and she was really impressed with how you managed the different abilities in the room.

When you're next back on the island please do get in touch. We like nurturing relationships with our Global Yogis so they come back."
Belfast, Northern Ireland


Give the gift of health and wellness to someone in your life 

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