In Person Workshop

Mobility Workshop (Sydney)
Time: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
 Vrtus, 12 Hall St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Learn proven techniques to achieve world class flexibility
Understanding body tension, how it can help and/or hinder us in a stretch
How to train our central nervous system (CNS)
How to override our apprehensive reflexes for deeper stretch
How to increase range of motion in your joints
How to build strength through your full range of motion
Learn how to build flexibility and strength alongside eachother 


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What You Can Expect From This Workshop


Structured Approach

Understanding how to train effectively with structure will drastically improve your overall movement patterns. In this workshop you will be educated on how to develop world class flexibility using proven, tried and tested methods.


Specialised Advice

Value your time and save yourself hours of frustration, let me give you guidance on what has worked for 1,000's just like you, and let me share experiences on how to overcome road blocks you will face on your flexibility journey.


Full Body Workshop

Demonstrations of different stretch methods to help you increase your range of motion, and build strength through that full range. 

Areas of the body may require different stretch techniques (Passive, Active, PNF,). Knowing all these techniques and when to use them will help you drastically improve your flexibility

What our past and present students say

Image Source:
Tom Trbojevic
Professional Rugby League Player
Manly Sea Eagles 

"Danny's not only made me feel more flexible, he's given me a lot of confidence within my body"...

"It's not just the flexibility training, it's the strength through range that you can build up"...

.."It's made me feel a lot better playing footie and Ive been recovering a lot better as well."
Image Source:
Ofa Fainga'anuku
Former Professional Rugby Player

“After finishing my career being a Professional rugby player overseas, My goal was to ‘win back my joints!’ from the impact of a contact sport, all the injuries sustained from all the unnatural postures rugby puts you into.

I found Danny, and learnt more about my body than I had training and rehabbing in a professional environment full time."
.."After years of giving up on gyms and PT's because of ongoing pain and mobility issues. With Stage 3 bilateral hip osteoarthritis and a condition known as cervical dystonia, I had given up on ever being able to move or train with confidence again.

Danny was able to guide me through a training schedule that kept me moving and getting stronger, without causing my body to grind to a painful halt"..
"I’ve worked with Danny for over a year, and the mobility progress I have made in that time is astounding.

One of the main reasons I engaged Danny as my mobility coach was to regain the ability to touch my toes. When we had our first session I could barely reach past my knees, but within months I could place my palms flat on the floor with straight legs. 

The mobility training programs he’s written for me have always been in-depth, practical and perfectly tailored to my individual progress and goals."
“Having spent the last few years focusing on strength and weight training, my body was broken. Tight shoulders and back pain were a daily occurrence.

Danny has an incredibly keen eye and is able to identify weaknesses and provide queues along with progressions/regressions based on your goals and where you're at.

I can now hold a 20 second handstand, do 10 muscle-up's on rings, and my pancake is also within reach. As a climber these skills, strength and mobility has translated directly into my performance outdoors." 
“His years of experience and approach to constantly learning new techniques to get bodies moving and performing optimally, meant that he could create an ever evolving program that honed in on what my pain points were, and made me realise all the excuses for being non-mobile I had in the past.

…I am now a firm believer in mobility workouts, and being able to mix in fun and addictive gymnastic elements, like handstands and rings."
"Danny is a professional and knowledgeable coach who I was fortunate to train with recently.

A well-developed plan for my mobility and flexibility training was in place. 

His sensitivity to my condition on training days and physical weaknesses and strengths meant sensible adjustments were made regularly to optimise my weekly sessions.

Danny has a holistic approach to mobility training, understanding the connectedness between mind, body and spirit which sets him apart from other out-of-the-box trainers."
"Over the last years I struggled to play team sports on a competitive level due to previous injuries. I thought that’s it until I met Danny.

With his training approach focusing on functional strength and mobility workouts, I was able to build a resilient body that didn’t break playing basketball, footy or hockey.

I felt younger and more energetic than ever before. Injuries are something that happened in the past and I enjoy team sports more than ever thanks to Danny."
testimonial image

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner, is this workshop for me?

You do not need to be fit to attent these workshops. Being a complete beginner is completely fine. All I ask is you bring an open mind and a willingess to learn :)

What are the biggest obstacles in Mobility /Flexibility?

The biggest obstacles will be the time you can commit, old injuries that may crop up as you increase ranges of motion, that may be currently blocked through tightness. 
Appreciating the time it takes to change your flexibility

What if I can't stick to it every week?

I am a huge advocate for consistency over intensity, I understand that life can get in the way from time to time and it is hard to remain consistent. My biggest advise with this is just keep at it, even if it isn't a huge session, picking one or two exercises to do throughout the week will make a huge difference. 

How often should I train mobility per week?

I get asked this a lot, and the answer will differ from person to person as we need to take things into consideration (training age, current flexibility levels, flexibility goals, other fitness commitments). 

If you are a complete beginner I would try 1 to 2 times a week, and try to build it up as you adapt. 

When should I progress with an exercise?

Once you can hit the required time or reps it is most definitely time to try out the next level of progression.
The idea behind this is that you should feel competent on a particular variation, and it no longer challenges you, so time to LEVEL UP

How should I approach

Focus on the intent rather than the visual
We need to appreciate that stretching in itself is a skill. It must be thought with technique and clear understanding to really maximise results in the safest and most efficient way. I see too many people trying to skip ahead in stages without truly respecting a well programmed out approach.

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