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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner, is this program for me?

As someone who learned to Handstand in my 30's this course specialises in helping those as a complete beginner work towards achieving their first handstand, it is never too late to start. My oldest client is 74!!

What are the biggest obstacles for achieving a handstand?

Over the 5 years of coaching handstands, the biggest obstacles I came across were fear of falling and flexibility limitations. 

What is the difference between 'Flexibility' & 'Mobility'?

Flexibility is "the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to lengthen passively through a range of motion", whereas mobility is the "ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion".

How often should I train handstands per week?

This is the most popular question I get asked. The answer is specific to the individual. What is most important is that your body is prepared for the volume, as a guide I would recommend starting with approx 3 sessions per week, giving a days rest in between each session.

When should I progress with an exercise?

Once you can hit the required time or reps it is most definitely time to try out the next level of progression.
The idea behind this is that you should feel competent on a particular variation, and it no longer challenges you, so time to LEVEL UP.

How should I approach

Focus on the intent rather than the visual.
We need to appreciate that stretching in itself is a skill. It must be thought with technique and clear understanding to really maximise results in the safest and most efficient way. I see too many people trying to skip ahead in stages without truly respecting a well programmed out approach.

What our past and present students say

"My first class I ever done with Dan was a handstand workshop, really enjoyed the experience. I gained so many tips from the day and had a great laugh too. It was good value for money and would really recommend to go see for your self. I was a total beginner and felt very comfortable throughout.

When I went to Dan’s mobility workshop it was the first I ever attended. I wanted to find new ways to loosen my body and help prevent injury’s when weight training. 

Others who attended that day were from all sorts of backgrounds an each had different reasons for attending. I found Dan’s experience and guidance really helpful. I would deffo go again."
"What I loved about training with Danny was that he didn’t come from a gymnastics background. He started as beginner, so he knows how to overcome challenges and help you achieve your goals from scratch, just like he did.

He has worked diligently on his skills and I think that has greatly influenced his coaching. If you’re struggling with something, he will find a way to help you tackle it. He is knowledgeable, passionate and knows how to push you the right amount.

Because of him, I overcame my fears post serious injuries, I’m stronger, more mobile and I finally achieved my handstand goals. I highly recommended Danny. You’ll work hard but will be rewarded with great results and good laughs!"
"Working with Danny for the last few years has been rewarding both in knowledge of my body and physical progress. 

Learning how to strengthen in areas where I have a tendency to be less aware of my overall movement patterns has been eye opening. 

My handstand practice went from sporadic kick ups to solid consistent holds. 

Not only has my inversion practice improved but also my yoga practice has become more aware. 

He makes doing the less preferred movements fun and interesting."

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